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Lifestyle in Dubai: More than Just Fun in the Sun

Teaching in Dubai comes with a lot of perks and benefits, but, perhaps, one of the best is experiencing a lifestyle that’s unique to this exciting city in the UAE.

Teaching in Dubai comes with a lot of perks and benefits, but, perhaps, one of the best is experiencing a
lifestyle that’s unique to this exciting city in the UAE. Dubai is a popular destination for those interested
in working abroad because of its largely excellent tropical desert climate, its wide array of leisure
facilities, its high standards in education and healthcare, and its relatively laidback pace of life.
Because Dubai is touted as the lifestyle hub of the entire region, there’s no shortage of fun activities you
can do in the Arab Gulf Tiger. For those planning to teach in Dubai, here are some of what you can
expect from the local lifestyle.

The Perks of a Dubai Lifestyle

The emirate’s focus on developing a tourism-based economy has yielded a lot of benefits for both
residents and visitors alike. As a result, you can find a wide range of leisure entertainment venues and
facilities, like opulent shopping malls, great dining options, eye-popping cinema complexes, and a choice
of fun and exciting theme parks.


In a 2018 CBRE report, Dubai has overtaken London as the top international shopping destination. You
can find a robust selection of retail brands, both global and local, in the city. In fact, shopping is such an
important part of its lifestyle that there’s even a month-long festival for it!
The Dubai Shopping Festival is an annual event usually held at the start of the year. During the festival,
shoppers can enjoy exclusive retail deals and raffles as well as brilliant firework displays and live


Dubai is known for its jaw-dropping architecture, and their malls are no exception. Be sure to check out
the Wafi Mall for its Egyptian-themed design and its pyramid-shaped structure. You can also visit the Ibn
Battuta Mall, the largest themed mall, for its six region-inspired segments, Andalusia, China, Egypt,
India, Persia and Tunisia.

For a more local shopping experience, try visiting the various marketplaces or souks located all over the
city. While some souks feature an eclectic selection of products and wares, some are dedicated to
certain items like perfumes, textiles, and gold.

Dining Out

Because Dubai is a melting pot of nationalities (around 200, in fact), it’s no surprise that the restaurants
and dining options reflect this diversity. Whether you want to dine out in a restaurant owned by a
celebrity chef like Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver or enjoy a specific cuisine, chances are, you’ll find a
suitable dining spot in the city.

People in Dubai love to eat out, and this is obvious in the restaurants and cafés that are constantly filled
with people, especially in the evenings. Because of this, it can be expected that more and more food
establishments will probably open there in the future.

Clubs and Societies

If you’re looking into joining a community and enriching your social life, there are a wide range of clubs
and societies that you can check out. There are sports clubs, choirs, national societies, and more. Joining
one instantly connects you to a social scene, complete with activities that can fill up your free days.
If you’re planning to teach in the UAE, Dubai is one of the best places to practice your profession and
earn while having fun.

Gergana Mileva

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