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6 Heritage Places in Dubai to Explore the Emirati Culture

In this blog, let us travel to the different heritage places that you can explore in the beautiful city of Dubai.

6 Heritage Places in Dubai to Explore the Emirati Culture

Heritage is an important aspect of every culture. Living in Dubai, modernized buildings and landscape does not hide the richness of cultural heritage that the city exudes. From its numerous mosques be it a grand one or down the corner, Dubai and the whole country in general has a great deal of respect and sense of pride to its native Emirati culture.

In this blog, let us travel to the different heritage places that you can explore in the beautiful city of Dubai.

The Beauty and Solemnity of the Grand Mosque
© visitdubai | Grand Mosque, Bur Dubai

What better way to understand the Emirati culture than to visit a place of religion that serves as a compass of the life and values of a true Emirati. Located in the main streets of Bur Dubai, the Grand Mosque is an embodiment of the deep Islamic culture. Its beautiful architectural structure and design will you a deeper understanding of the beautiful religion of Islam and how it serves a vital role in the life of not just the Emirati and other nationality in the country as well.

Embark in the Vividness of Colors in the Textile Souk
© Bayut | Textile Souk, Dubai

Located in the historic neighborhood of Bur Dubai, the Textile souk is not only a center of commerce but a focal area that embodies the life and generations of beautiful textile market in Dubai. It is best to understand the culture of a place by reliving its way of clothing with these colorful textiles and fabrics that gives you a glimpse of the richness of the Arabian culture of design.

Sail through Time in Dubai Creek
© | Night view of Dubai Creek

Dubai did not flourish immediately, as it has its history of starting from a simple Mediterranean city striving for growth, to becoming one of the most coveted cities in the World today. Travel back in time and experience the Emirati life of trade and relaxation as you sail your way in Dubai Creek. While you ride along in the colorful trade boats that serves traditional Arabic foods, you get to enjoy the scene of how Dubai as an emirate used to be - with its simple life of commerce and way of living.

Take a Stroll down Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood
© Kidzapp

Travel back in time to the when houses are built in a traditional fashion made of stone, gypsums and wood in this historical neighborhood of Al Fahidi. Getting to know how Dubai managed to reach continuous success is evident as commerce and trade started within this historical buildings and streets. Today, tourists and locals can gain insight of how life used to be in Dubai, with its architectural designs, culture values and other legacies that withstood the test of time.

A look back in time at Al Ahmadiya School


To better understand one’s culture and heritage, one must look back to the root of knowledge - the way how education is cultivated. One special heritage site to revisit is Al Ahmadiya School in Dubai. Founded by the late Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmouk in year 1912, this historical educational site emerges to be the foundation of knowledge and learning of the Emiratis in the early times. Now, it serves as a beautiful historical reminder of how the education system and values flourished along these years to what education is now in the country and how its values remain the same.

Taste of life, the Spice Souk, Dubai


Emirati culture can be best experienced with the taste of traditional Emirati food and delicacies. Brace yourself for an aromatic experience as you visit the bountiful Spice Souk in Dubai as you get a taste of the richness of flavor and aroma popular to a normal Emirati household and to other Arabic culture. Located in Deira, Dubai, this sensory experience is sure to remind you of the life and the smell of the different spices available in the souk.

The beautifully preserved Majlis Ghorfat Umm Al Sheif


Last but not the least in our list is the beautifully preserved Majilis Ghorfat Umm Al Sheif which used to be the owned by the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum during the summer of 1955. Located in the pristine area of Jumeirah, the site is a perfect way to look back at the life of the early Emiratis with its well preserved furniture, architecture, household tools traditional to the Emirati way of life. Not only does it allows you to experience Dubai in its traditional time, but it gives you the opportunity to explore the area where discussions and decision-makings that led to Dubai to where it is now has taken place.

If you happen to be in Dubai or is planning to be in Dubai, do not forget to include these places in your travel lists and be ready to experience the beautiful Emirati tradition and life.

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