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5 Best Relaxation Spots in Dubai

Here are five of the best relaxation places to enjoy in Dubai. Visit these places and tell us what you think!

5 Best Relaxation Spots in Dubai

Dubai has been known to be a hallmark of a quality life - with numerous areas within its emirate that offers all activities for both local and tourists to enjoy . It is also the home of the most luxurious and extravagant spas, not just for the whole country but to the world. From relaxing dips into luxurious jacuzzis, to soothing massages, and a breath of tranquil breeze near a wide swimming pool - Dubai has it all!

Here are five of the best relaxation places to enjoy in Dubai. Visit these places and tell us what you think!

Finding your Bliss
Turkish Hammam Spa | Anantara - The Palm Dubai Resort

Known with its signature of “Find your Bliss”, the Turkish Hammam Spa is known to promote wellness and ultimate relaxation embarking with the combination of revitalizing treatments and wide choices of massages. Choose to splurge in their aroma steam rooms, pool baths and salon. This beautiful spa is located in Anantara, The Palm Dubai Resort that offers not just a luxurious spa but fine dining experiences and an amazing view of the beach.

An Arabian Getaway
Amara Swimming Pool | Park Hyatt Dubai

Ah, what a way to enjoy life. Combining comfort and luxury - Amara located in Park Hyatt Dubai is a perfect destination for those who seek to enjoy a cold dip in the lavish pool area calming view of the blue skies. Designed with a clash of Arabian motif with a touch of modern aesthetic, it is surely the place to relax and unwind. You can choose to relax in their rainforest spa, meditate in their serene garden, or take a nap in one of their private cabanas.

A View of the Desert
Main Swimming Pool | Al Maha Resort and Spa

Tired of the site of the buildings and the city? Al Maha Resort is the best place for you. Still located in Dubai, this resort offers grandeur relaxation with its stunning view of the wide desert and its numerous spa amenities to enjoy. Timeless spa has its team of international spa therapists to suit your need for wellness, therapy or rejuvenation. After taking a full day at the spa, dive into their private and main pool that gives you an amazing view of the Arabian Desert.

Be One with Nature
Secret Garden | Talise Spa, Jumeirah

Rejuvenate with the calmness of Mother Nature and the peaceful breeze of the warm Arabian wind, with this indulging Talise Spa, located in Jumeirah, Dubai. Calm your mind and be one with nature as you enjoy the relaxing massages of the Spa’s talented sets of therapists to give you the full experience of comfort.  If you are into yoga, this place is perfect for you as they have cabanas and lounges designed to suit your meditation needs and yoga instructors to guide you in diving into comfort.

Nothing but Peace
Saray Spa - Dead Sea Flotation Pool | JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

Treat yourself in this world class Saray Spa, located in JW Marriott Hotel Dubai. Paying homage to its roots and traditions, Saray Spa offers a tranquil ambiance filled with its Mediterranean interior to free your mind of the modern day life. Restore your youth and energy by enjoying the relaxing experience of rejuvenation treatments and restorations to let the young you come to life. Soak into their one-man pool and totally dive into a moment of peace and serenity that you deserve.

Dubai has still a lot to offer and these are just a few of the highly remarkable relaxation places you can revel in around the city. You will surely enjoy these places whether you are an avid spa-goer or just someone who wants to relax once in a while. Go pamper yourself, you deserve it!

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